Below we give a list of Bioinformatics or Bioinformatics-related courses curently taught across universities in Romania.
If you know of a similar course that is not included below, please contact us and we will update the list.


Applied Bioinformatics in Structural Biology, part of BSc. in Biology and Biochemistry, Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iași.
Taught by: Conf. Dr. Habil. Marius Mihășan, marius.mihasan [at] uaic [dot] ro
Language: Romanian
The course focuses on protein structures and nucleic acids, and also on learning software visualisation tools. Few chapters of this course are:

  • Introduction to structural organisation of biological molecules. Methods to investigate protein and nucleic acids third dimension.
  • Sequence-structure relationships. Local and global alignments. Structural clasification of proteins. SCOP database. Highly conserved domains. CATH database.
  • .pdb files and protein databases.
  • Visualisation and manipulation of biological macromolecules.
  • Computational prediction of protein 3D structure.
  • Molecular Docking

Applied Bioinformatics in Biomedical Research, part of MSc. in Molecular Genetics, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iași.
Taught by: Dr. Călin Lucian Maniu, cmaniu [at] uaic [dot] ro
Language: Romanian.

  • Introduction to Perl for Bioinformatics.
  • Basic programming and algorithms.
  • Using Perl for Biomedical research.
  • Biological databases.
  • Data mining in biological databases.


Medical Informatics and Biostatistics, taught at BSc., MSc. and PhD. level in Iuliu Hatieganu Medical School, Cluj-Napoca
Taught by: Prof. Dr. Tudor Drugan
Language: Romanian
Details: can be accessed here.

Bioinformatics, part of the Molecular Biotechnology and the MSc. in Medical Biology at Faculty of Biology and Geology, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
Taught by: Prof. Horia Banciu
Language: Romanian
Details: can be accessed here.


Bioinformatics Algorithms, part of a B.Sc. programme at Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare, Universitatea Politehnica București
Taught by: Prof. Dr. Ing. Cătălin Buiu, catalin [at] buiu [dot] net
Language: Romanian.
The course gives an introduction to the history, motivation and important concepts in Bioinformatics Algorithms. It also gives an introduction to molecular biology and presents the important research questions dealt with in Biology and Chemistry. The final goal is to prepare the student to become a Bioinformatician.

Bioinformatics, taught in English at B.Sc. level in “Calculatoare și Tehnologia Informației, Ingineria Informației, Facultatea de Inginerie în Limbi Străine, Universitatea Politehnică București.
Taught by: Dr. Paul Gagniuc and Dr. Ing. Bujor Pavaloiu, paul_gagniuc [at] acad [dot] ro, klingo_w [at] yahoo [dot] com
Language: English.
Details: Methods and concepts in Bioinformatics. DNA and Protein sequence analysis, sequence homology, motifs, gene prediction, genome annotation, structural DNA/protein sequence analysis, genomics, SNPs, biological networks.
The course requires previous knowledge in one or more of thefollowing subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences, Bioengineering, Biotechnology or Applied Biostatistics.
Keywords: Genetics, genomics, Markov chains, Hidden Markov chains, DNA motiffs, genetic algorithms, neuronal networks, sequence alignment.

Bioinformatics, BSc. level course, taught in the 3rd year Biochemistry specialisation, at University of Bucharest.
Taught by: Prof. Dr. Mihailescu Dan, dan [dot] mihailescu [at] bio.unibuc [dot] ro

Bioinformatics, MSc. level, taught in “Applied Genetics and Biotechnology” programme, at University of Bucharest.
Taught by: Dr. Ecovoiu Alexandru, alexandru [dot] al [dot] ecovoiu [at] gmail [dot] com

* Bio-linux for Bioinformatics;
* Sequence comparison;
* Similarity scores and substitution matrices;
* Algorithms for sequence alignment;
* Sequence alignment heuristics;
* Needleman-Wunsch and Smith-Wtareman algorithms;
* Heuristics for sequence alignment: FASTA, BLAST, BLAT, SSAHA, BOTWIE, GENOME ARTIST;
* Primer design;
* Sequence profiles;
* Multiple alignment (ClustalW);
* Protein databases and genic ontology;
* Genome sequencing, assembly and annotation;
* Annotation and assembly software;
* In silico gene prediction;
* Molecular evolution and molecular phylogeny;

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, PhD level at University of Bucharest
Taught by: Prof. Dr. Mihailescu Dan, dan [dot] mihailescu [at] bio.unibuc [dot] ro


Bioinformatics, part of an MSc. programme at West University Timișoara.
Taught by: Prof. Dr. Adriana Vetuța Isvoran, adriana [dot] isvoran [at] e-uvt [dot] ro
Language: Romanian

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, part of the Computer Science MSc. programme at West University Timișoara.
Taught by: Conf. Dr. Darian M. Onchis, darian [dot] onchis [at] e-uvt [dot] ro
Language: Romanian

Algorithms for analysing biological sequences and signals, part of the Bioinformatics MSc. programme at West University Timișoara.
Taught by: Conf. Dr. Darian M. Onchis, darian [dot] onchis [at] e-uvt [dot] ro
Language: Romanian