‘Beer and science’ is an informal event, where scientists present a science topic in 5 minutes, in a pub, to their peers, but also to non-scientists. Our goal is to promote interdisciplinary talks between speacialists in Biology, Medicine, Computer Science and Engineering.

We encourage simple and easy to digest presentations.

At the end of each presentation, we encourage participants to join in the discussions and ask questions. This is a good opportunity for scientists to discuss their faced issues with the broader community. Discussions between the speaker and public can generate ideas for solving existing problems. Also, it can lead to new research ideas.

The event took place at The Pub, in Universitatii Square.
The event was organised by Catalina Barbarosie and Leona Chitoiu.

Eight speakers talked about a variety of interesting topics:

  1. Oleksandr Petrenko: Genomics for Orphan Diseases: why do we need it now (Ukraine).
  2. Gojković Nemanja: Southern pest on a rescue quest: Why wood-boring beetles might save their northern cousins (Serbia).
  3. Cosmin Arsene: Epigenetics, a sculpture in evolution? (Romania).
  4. Alexandra Banica: Hepatitis A virus replication: a molecular study (Romania).
  5. Maria Mernea: The flexibility of biomolecules addressed by molecular modeling and THz spectroscopy (Romania).
  6. Ioan Valentin Matei and Anton Kulaga: Gene editing for autoimmune diseases (Romania and Ukraine).
  7. Marius Mihasan: Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans – surprising application of a soil bacteria (Romania).
  8. Matei Silviu: Visual recognition using IBM Watson (Romania).

Overall, the participants were happy with the event and we received a positive feedback.

The field of activity of the participants varies from medicine, pharmacy, genetics, and biochemistry to computer science and insurance.

Overall, it can be noticed that almost half of the participants were scientists (42%), followed by persons with a science background but not actively involved in research (26%). About 21% of the participants were students in science and one of them has assigned the profession of doctor.

About 12 participants (63,2%) rated the Beer and Science event as ‘Good’ and 5 of them (26,3%) rated the event as ‘Excellent’. Just 2 participants (10.5%) rated the event as ‘Fair’.

All of the talks were well received by the public, but they were most impressed with Ioan Valentin Matei and Anton Kulaga, who talked about Gene editing for autoimmune diseases. The second most well received presentation was about Southern pest on a rescue quest: Why wood-boring beetles might save their northern cousins by Gojkovic Nemanja.

Approximately 79% (15 out of 19) knew about bioinformatics, and 10.5% (2 out of 19) didn’t know about it. About 68% (11 out of 19) said that they learned useful information during the Beer and Science event.