Hi folks, we regret to inform you that the organising committee has decided to postpone the longevity datathon to September. This has been previously advertised as an event taking place in April.

Please stay tuned for further announcements.

The Computational Biology of Aging Group at The Institute of Biochemistry in Bucharest (IBAR) joins forces with the Data Science Society and the International Longevity Alliance to organize a Longevity Datathon in April 2019.

The Longevity Datathon will be a Global Data Science online competition aimed at solving data science challenges within the field of aging research, bioinformatics and regenerative medicine using methodologies and tools from machine learning, natural language processing and other fields of artificial intelligence.

At the beginning of the datathon you will be able to register or join a team online (or in offline locations organized by longevity communities in different countries) and get the training datasets for the challenges. You will ge given two weeks to develop and propose your solutions to the given problems. These solutions will be then validated with the test datasets provided at the end of the competition.

If you would like to suggest a specific challenge be included in the competition, sponsor the Longevity Datathon, host a location or help with its organization, please contact the coordinators of the datathon: Prof. Angel Marchev Jr. ( angel.marchev [at] yahoo.com ) or Anton Kulaga ( antonkulaga [at] gmail.com ) or just write directly to the Data Science Society ( info [at] datatsciencesociety.net )

Data Science Society is an international digital community that has been building a strong core of members digitally around a body of Data Science knowledge while having fun! So far it has organized multiple Data Science Meetups and International Datathons with attendees from more than 40 countries. Datascience society is a data platform for all enthusiasts, data geeks and experts who love to share their knowledge and learn more in the field!

The International Longevity Alliance promotes the social struggle against the deteriorative aging process and for healthy and productive longevity for all, through scientific research, technological development, medical treatment, public health and education measures, and social activism. Advocacy groups from across the world. Advocacy Groups within the International Longevity Alliance have been initiated in more than 60 countries.