Hopkins Microbiology Course


Next Course Summer 2018: June 22-July 21
Application Deadline: March 15, 2018

“The Hopkins Microbiology Course offers…
…four weeks of intense learning activity focused on microbes and microbial life. Our approach is integrative, holistic and concept based. The study of microbes is placed firmly within the physiological, ecological (biogeochemical), genetic and evolutionary framework.

…exposure to a wealth of new ideas and concepts. Dedicated faculty and experienced teaching assistants are continuously on hand to offer guidance and expertise.

…seminars ranging from the factual to the philosophical. Practical work forms a large part of the course and provides students with hands-on experience in isolation of a wide range of microbes, experimental evolution, population genetics, clone library construction, and bioinformatic analysis. The course experiments are not “canned” and you will make new discoveries.”

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