Mai jos e lista trainingurilor și cursurilor din Hinxton, Cambridge, pe anul 2018. Pentru multe dintre cursuri există burse care acoperă atât taxa de curs, cât și cazarea și masa.
RNA Transcriptomics
20–29 June 2018
Application and Bursary Deadline: 9 March 2018

Single Cell Technologies and Analysis
21–29 July 2018

Disease-Related Protein Interaction Networks
1-9 October 2018
Opens soon  – email for updates

Chromatin Structure and Function
30 October–9 November 2018

Molecular Pathology and Diagnosis of Cancer
18-23 November 2018

Derivation and Culture of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSCs)
10–13 December 2018

Fungal Pathogen Genomics
13-18 May 2018

In Silico Systems Biology: Dynamic Modelling of Biological Networks
3–8 June 2018

Bioinformatics Resources for ImmunologistsNEW
4-8 June 2018

Summer School in Bioinformatics
25–29 June 2018

Proteomics Bioinformatics
15-20 July 2018

Genetic Analysis of Mendelian and Complex Disorders
18-24 July 2018

Genetic Analysis of Population-based Association Studies
24-28 September 2018

Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics
7-13 October 2018


Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of Cancer
4-8 June 2018
Practical Aspects of Small Molecule Drug Discovery: At the Interface of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacology
17–22 June 2018
Mouse Models: Genetics, Breeding and Experimental Design
23-27 July 2018
Drosophila Genetics and Genomics
30 July–3 August 2018
Science Policy: Improving the Uptake of Research into UK Policy – NEW
20-21 August 2018
Translating and Commercialising Genomic Research
1-3 October 2018
Genomics for Dermatology
19-21 November 2018